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Going round in circles?

Below are contacts for parents to research your Council options, access to a free legal consultation and links to the new legislation

Council Contacts

(SENDIAS) For parents/carers.

WALES: For information and support to in wales head to

ENGLAND: To begin with you should contact the local authority in which you live, which is on your council bill.

Find your local IAS service here,

If you are looking for Independent Parental Special Education Advice contact IPSEA here.

Legal Advice

Fighting a ‘best interests’ argument for your son and daughter is part of the new Children and Families Act.

The council has to consult a college if the parents want it named on an EHCP. 

If the council disagrees, they usually have 2-panel decisions stating what they consider is appropriate for further education or living arrangements.

Shoosmiths LLP a large nationwide legal firm who specialise in personal injury has set up a not for profit team called ACCESS LEGAL to provide legal services for Educational and Social Care Funding at cost, which works out at  50 % cheaper than other solicitors.

This is available to all parents and does not depend on a placement at William Morris College.

We have an arrangement for parents to get a free consultation about their legal position with regards to funding.

Victoria Federuco | Solicitor heads the ACCESS LEGAL Team.

Victoria is highly experienced in all aspects of SEN law and was a key member of the project team in the 'Finished at School DfE funded programme supporting young people with complex autism to transition into further education colleges.

If you would like our help in securing your child’s future call the access legal helpline on 03700 86 86 86.

Children and Families Act 2014 links

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