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Adult Autism Support

We welcome students and residents between the ages of 16 and 25 years old with learning difficulties ranging from moderate to severe, as well as profound and multiple needs.

We specialise in working with young people with communication difficulties and our verbal and non-verbal programmes include sensory-based environments and sign language.

Our staff are highly trained to support young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder – including those with challenging behaviour – and Down's syndrome. We also work with students and residents with Asperger syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, chromosomal disorders and epilepsy.

We assess behavioural and emotional difficulties and select the appropriate provision, consulting with education and health care professionals we work with on a daily basis.

The People we support – an odd term to describe those who are at the centre of our organisation. Often described as the most vulnerable in our society, equally as often seen as people who require continuous and ongoing support. To us our students, trainees and residents are all essential participants and contributors to both our local and the wider community. At our beautiful rural centre on the edge of the Cotswolds we support high needs; learners and residents to communicate, participate and then contribute to their community. We specialise in profound and severe learning difficulties which also includes those with severe autism.

A feature of the challenges that our learners and residents face is associated conditions such as epilepsy, communication difficulties and global delay. They face many barriers in their everyday lives, many are non-verbal or face the physical manifestations that high levels of anxiety promote – such as challenging behaviour. We are fortunate in the quality of our fully professional staff, we centre our provisions that include a full educational programme and /or 52-week residential status on careful assessment and analysis. We then follow a brokerage model to deliver bespoke pathways for those in full time residential programmes that take them on, towards their optimum point of independence – including living in the community.

For College students (see our latest CQC and Ofsted reports) we deliver programmes of study that are for individuals, providing individual progression. Meeting individual needs in this way is enhanced by the structure of our programmes and offer. For example, through our Health and Well- Being centre we supply a phalanx of therapeutic approaches that are embedded into individual programmes, we also deliver vocational and social enterprise opportunities as developmental mechanisms to empower our learners and residents and provide actual outcomes, through our Active Lives and Active Futures programmes. Everything is underpinned by a unique approach to support, that includes carefully considered support and care, with specific accommodation meeting specific needs. Whether it's College, Bridging the gap apartment living or Independent living, or again our specialist communication and sensory homestead we provide specialist support in a community setting that is safe and secure. A large part of our developmental activities are based on a creative approach that stimulates and enriches the communication and personal living/development targets that we set for ourselves as professionals and learners and residents as citizens of our society. Art, performance, drama, music all form essential parts of WMC, the recent additions of food production and our Arts & Crafts Social Enterprise Centre have added another dimension to our growing association - as has our burgeoning links with local community groups to add to the vibrancy of our environment. At the centre of it all are the people we support.

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