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Active Living

Active Lives, Active Futures is our day opportunities programme for people who have finished college and are looking to take their first step onto adulthood. It is designed to provide:

  • a programme for young adults taking their next step
  • real vocational placements where each student works to individual targets
  • activities based around 20 social enterprises 

The programme begins with an initial assessment to work out how best to support each individual. It is based around, wherever possible, the use of individual budgets or direct payments in line with the local authority’s initiative to develop independent self management.

We have developed new methods of delivering sustainable, local and permanent opportunities that provide engagement, participation, contribution and personal development.

Active Lives, Active Futures mixes individual targets and monitoring with real vocational placements through a wide range of artificer/partner led social enterprises. The programme begins with foundation module that all associates undertake as part of their introduction to the partnership.

Once completed, a programme is agreed with the associate and they take possession of shares in their social enterprise options. They become part of a fully functioning enterprise, which has choice and decision making at the core of its operational values. At the same time, they benefit from a key support programme that identifies one professional partner as their individual advocate. The enterprise opportunities will also, where appropriate, be bolstered by therapeutic input and community-based interactions for individual well-being and health. All opportunities will also have access to the Enterprise hub at our beautiful campus.

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