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Upper Court Cafe/Meeting Rooms

Upper Court is our purpose-built café with a commercial kitchen and high-quality meeting and events space.

The building opened in June 2015 after an investment of £800,000 and includes new teaching areas and workshop space.

It’s designed to help students develop crucial work skills needed to become more independent and help with their transition into adulthood.

The goods produced by our students in the kitchen are sold in the café and through local stores. There is also a small shop based within the café which sells crafts that have been created at the college.

What people are saying about Upper Court:

“Our new building shows the exciting future in store for William Morris College. After years in the planning, we have finally moved into the building with state of the art food processing unit and space for other workshops."

“The new building will be an inherent part of our work experience, helping our students to develop crucial work skills needed to transition into adult-hood giving them the skills they need in order to become more independent in the next stage of their lives and if possible help them into work."

“Our aim is to supply local stores, such as Gloucester Services with our homemade products as well as selling on site. There will be a small college shop as part of the café area where students will be able to sell mugs, paper and other crafts created at the college.”

Uppercourt is available for hire, for further information, contact 01453 824025, email

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