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Willow House

Our newest residence is Willow House, a four-placement house just 20 metres from the William Morris campus.

Willow is a sensory environment designed to meet the specific needs of young people with sensory and communication difficulties. It features a large, private sensory garden, large communal space and one-to-one communication support for residents.

  • Seven bedroom house for four residents and their supporting staff team including night care
  • Staff employ a ‘sensory communication specific’ approach to support communication
  • Daily schedules established on an individual and small group basis, including therapies
  • Skills development around cooking, laundry and looking after their own belongings
  • Supported programme that includes dedicated transport for access to the community
  • Access to community-based opportunities such as volunteering when the residents are ready

Willow is designed to deliver a specialist environment where sensory techniques form the basis for specialist communication and self-advocacy development. Each resident is supported by a specialist team which includes ‘sleep in’ support. Alongside its communal areas, Willow has a wet room and a completely independent flat for two residents. 

Residents will be accommodated in their own rooms or suite and supported to follow a daily programme that includes independence and contributory skills such as cooking and looking after their belongings. Willow has its own laundry room and residents are encouraged to look after themselves, where appropriate.

The overarching theme of Willow is the development of confidence through communication and therapeutic approaches. Personal development based around careful individual assessment forms the foundation of a fully individualised programme. Daily schedules will be established on individual and small group basis. Any therapy-based sessions will be done on an individual basis but residents have access to a wider group of peers through the William Morris campus-based social enterprise programme.

Willow residents can also access the cross-campus social and leisure programme if they wish for events which will encourage creativity in communication and expression.

The ‘sensory communication specific’ approach used at Willow House may begin with methods such as intensive interaction, and gradually develop towards more advanced programmes in support of the development of communication. All residents will also have full access to our campus facilities including workshops, common rooms, café and grounds, together with events such as campus discos and community lunches. Willow has its own dedicated transport to ensure full access to community-based opportunities and local services.

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