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cyfieithu botwm Cymraeg yma


Our textiles workshops offer vocational training and an opportunity to learn new skills. They take place in The Weavery which is equipped with a range of weaving frames, looms and other equipment used in the craft of weaving. Students will have an opportunity to spend at least a term in the weaving workshop developing the knowledge and skills to make braids, tablemats, scarves, floor mugs and wall decorations.

Some students will be entered for an NOCN in weaving. Besides the development of motor skills and spatial orientation, the exercise of physical movement may enhance the capacity of thinking. And, finishing their items gives students a feeling of self worth and a sense of their own true identity.

Aside from weaving, we also explore papermaking and felt, in which vegetable and animal fibres are used and worked to that they bond and form new products. Papermaking starts from recycling scrap paper which is made into new paper sheets of different colour, texture and thickness. The hand-made paper is then fashioned into beautiful cards, bookmarks and small bags. Fleece is used to make felt hats, slippers, bags and other decorative and useful items. We have beautiful examples of wall hangings decorating the college walls. We do APT qualifications in Wool Preparation for Felting and in Papermaking, according to students’ wishes and abilities.

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