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At William Morris, therapies play a large part in the curriculum that we follow. These include:

Speech and language therapy social skills groups - Based around awareness of the self and others, and the development of interaction skills.

Individual speech therapy - Working on particular areas of speech and/or communication, highlighted in assessment; to meet an individual’s needs.

Brain Gym - Based on the concept that learning challenges can be overcome by carrying out certain movements, the use of which will create pathways in the brain.

Horse riding (RDA) - A fun way to develop greater bodily awareness and balance. The activity stimulates a number of muscle groups, enhances self-confidence and control, by challenging students to relate to and guide their own and the horse’s movement.

Eurythmy therapy - A movement therapy effective both in preventing and treating acute, chronic and degenerative conditions. The exercises have a positive influence on posture, mobility, spatial orientation, rhythm, breathing, circulation and warmth and enhance self-esteem.

Rhythmical massage therapy - Restore the natural rhythms of the body such as breathing, circulation, sleep and digestion; the approach also helps relaxation and improves body awareness.

"It took me years to understand that words are often as important as experience, because words make experiences last." - William Morris

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