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About us

Nestled by the banks of the River Frome and embraced by the old Stroud water canal on the edge of the Cotswolds, our Campus provides the ideal natural environment to deliver progress and development. We specialise in helping young people with learning difficulties and disabilities to be in control of their lives and extend their skills so they can live in, and contribute to, their local communities.

From the Peace Garden , to our Reed Beds to our social enterprise centres, workshops and café, William Morris is an environment in which our students and residents thrive and develop. We use the calm and tranquillity of our environment as a foundation for the delivery of high quality education and care for our high needs residents and learners.

We are always evolving our provision to meet the diverse needs of the people we serve in a fast-changing world.

The four different types of care we offer are:

William Morris College

Bridging the Gap

Willow Sensory Environment 

Active Lives, Active Futures (Day Opportunities)

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