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Our inspiration is William Morris, an original 20th century thinker who pioneered the coming together of life, work and art in a community.

William Morris College began life as Camphill Community in 1978. It was founded with the specific aim of helping young people through the transition between childhood, school and adult life by developing independence, social and vocational skills.

The founders set up a not-for-profit charity and a local philanthropic farmer loaned them three acres of picturesque Cotswold farmland including the 1780s workhouse known as the ‘Wheatenhurst Union Poorhouse’.

In 1988, a new administrative block was built, followed by new houses to meet the needs of more students with learning difficulties.

Today William Morris provides a nurturing and dedicated community where young adults with learning difficulties can find meaningful education and a fulfilling social life. Our services are designed to meet the evolving needs of our students in a fast-changing world.

“Good education and training, literacy and numeracy are fully integrated into students’ study programmes.”

“The whole focus of the work of the college changed from a community-based approach, which predominantly focussed on workshops where students could develop craft and creative skills, to a more structured approach to providing study programmes.”

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