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(Student work experice with Gloucester rugby club) (Student work experice with Gloucester rugby club)

During their final year, students focus on developing the skills and abilities to enable them to successfully transition to their adult life and all that it may entail.

Opportunities like the Independent Living Flat and work experience give us the opportunity to properly assess and build upon a student’s skills and ability to live in a supported environment.

Students have intensive training to build their independent travel skills, from crossing roads to using public transport and accessing local amenities. We also encourage our learners to enrol at the local college for short courses, as this gives them the experience of another learning environment and an opportunity to make new friends.

The planning and learning is extremely important for transition but so is feeling good about yourself, staying positive and having fun.

At William Morris College, we like to work in partnership with the local community and local business. Our students have work experience and vocational placements, at large and small businesses according to where their interests, talents and preferences lie. These range from sports clubs where they help to coach younger students, local charities and volunteer posts, shops, cafes, wedding venues, gardens and garden centres, workshops, local colleges, drama groups and therapy centres.

We value all the businesses that we work with, which help our the students not only learn about the world of work, but also gain confidence, social skills and make really good friends.

It also benefits the employers and other employees at the local business, by giving them an insight into the problems people with learning disabilities face and what a real asset they can be in the work place.

If you are interested in becoming one of our work experience partners, please contact us on 01453 824025 or

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